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U Know What Time It Is

Not your grandmother’s gifts. Actually, wait – probably mostly your grandmother’s gifts. Anyway, if you’re looking for something off-the-beaten-track this gift-giving season, something thoughtful that the recipient will treasure, we have gazillions of utterly charming possibilities, both vintage and handmade. We invite you to find us on Facebook for some ideas and photos — or just drop by and wander around!

A Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of Ransack’s Inner Workings

What is all this “Ransack” nonsense I keep hearing about? Harumph!

(First of all, hiiieeee!, we are still up and running (knock on wood). Give me some proof, you say, your website and twitter have been awfully quiet. Alrightee, we say, here’s a new blog entry, the one you are reading right now.)

So you’ve heard rumours that Ransack might be A Thing. One you might need to investigate. But you are not sure. If our sporadically updated facebook photo album “What you’ll find at the store” is not tantalizing enough, don’t take our word for it, check out what many other outstanding humans have said.

Infernal Machine Sale

We have too many diabolically cool machines, so now is your chance to scoop up, for 25% off, a vintage camera, typewriter, projector, turntable/stereo, radio, plus a few other miscellaneous contraptions. The sale will continue until the end of July.

Sufferin’ Succotash, TOONEY TUESDAYS Launch Today

Hello my honies, hello my babies

Get A / Panda / Panda for Your Rights

You are excused from visiting Ransack the Universe today, and only today, if you are out and about fighting The Man.

Way too many midi-chlorians that night!

Since we’re having trouble keeping up with the ol’ blog everything, in the meantime please enjoy this pretty picture of a benefit concert for Alderaan we attended recently. Don’t worry, we brought back to Earth tons of records & turntables, vintage housewares, groovy bar stuff, jewelry, handmade cute stuff, and a selection of exquisite doo-dahs.

Subliminal Message

You are getting sleepy. You love Ransack the Universe. You will visit Ransack the Universe. You will tell your friends about Ransack the Universe. You will find Ransack the Universe on Twitter or Facebook. You will awake in 3, 2, 1 *snap*.

Fix Your Fashion Fridays

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tear in your trousers? Knick in your knickers? Skirt length venturing into grandma territory? Or just a simple missing button. Whatever is keeping you from your wearing your favourite outfit, we’ve got the fix. Every Friday Hana will be hosting an Alteration Studio at Ransack. Fittings will be held all day from 12-7pm. All alteration and mending jobs welcome. Any outfit found in the building can be made to measure.

Not a Creature was Stirring, not even a Mouse


The Earth has completed yet another revolution around the Sun, just as the Mayans arranged to happen, and many of us are still here in early A.D. 2012. The quaint, sleepy village of Bloordale has once again become a glistening, crystalline, winter wonderland, populated by weasels. Even in these times of hibernation, make sure to poke your head out of your burrow now and then to score some Vitamin D and fill your lungs with air, if only so that we at Ransack can live vicariously through you, Dear Reader. As we embark on our third year, we thank you for your custom, it is appreciated, and we offer thanks to everyone who helped make 2011 our most recent year ever.

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